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Sabtu, 21 Juni 2014

Bali is not only known for it's natural beauty and exotic culture that the balinese have. In fact, not all of the tourist that spend their time in bali looking for the culture or the natural beauty of the island. Some of them actually spend their time in the island just because they want to know food taste in bali. Because it has been known for many tourists that bali offer wide range of traditional food that are made from various traditional ingredients. The traditional ingredients and traditional cooking make the food both unique and delicious.

Making the traditional food from bali to be popular among many tourist because it can give them delight taste and them the picture of traditional food from Indonesia. The unique traditional food and the amazing taste have made many tourist willing to fly to the island just to try food taste in bali.

    And now in the remaining part of this article we would like to share some of the most popular traditional food in bali that many tourist love. The first traditional food in bali that many tourist like is the nasi campur. Nasi campur or also known as mix rice in english is one of the most popular food from balinese, which make the food to be available almost everywhere in bali. The food itself contain fried nuts, shreds of fried chicken, shredded spicy coconut, coconut milk, sambal, meat/fish, and chopped seasoning. If you like to taste the original taste of nasi campur in bali you can try to eat at seminyak, renon, or ayam kedewatan at ubud.

    The next traditional food that make many tourist come to the island to try food taste in bali is the ayam/bebek betutu. This food made from duck/chicken, can be chopped/not, and filled up with original spices from Indonesia. The next food that is also very popular in bali are lawar and babi guling/suckling pig.